Being a combat female veteran has it’s up and down, and opening up to strangers is really NOT part of who I am.

However, from the second I spoke with Sylvia and Will, their kind words and demeanor lessened my anxiety (over should I even participate in this retreat and leave my children behind???). This was my 1st retreat since I returned “home”, so I wasn’t sure on what to expect. Yet, am so, so, so grateful they chose me and gave me the opportunity to be apart of their retreat.  Especially since while on my retreat, I met other combat female veterans, who became like sisters to me.

I want you to understand my combat wounds are deep, hurtful, very scary and will forever be heavily imprinted on my soul, but no matter what I shared I NEVER once felt judged, nor like an outcast.  In fact, I was always encouraged to just be myself, and that motivated me to put my guard down. Also, my boundaries were always respected, and that’s very important to me, since in my case am consciously trying to avoid for my inner “Hulk” not to come out and play. I was enlightened and now I see the light on how to use more positive methods to avoid undesirable and unneeded disastrous catastrophes. Believe me, I felt like I was part of their process and therefore I trusted their process. Their entire staff was very respectful at all times, and treated me VERY professional. Know and TRUST their staff will NOT push you to the extreme, your always safe. While on my retreat I learned so much especially on how to cope BETTER with every day “life” situations, in order to avoid negative, wronged perceptions and harmful thoughts. The education I personally received from Susan and their entire team is priceless. I would definitely recommend this retreat to ALL veterans!!

Jacky Duran