We Are Recruiting!

Do you want to extend our goals and ambitions? Are you familiar with the challenge we want to address? Do you know anyone who is a veteran?


We are building our own army. An army of Ambassadors. Passionate, upbeat and enthusiastic individuals and who can care about our goals. Did we mention passionate?

You will aim to be a voice of influence, whether via your network of friends and contacts or, equally, directly into your community. You’re not afraid of a little effort. You must be authentic, have a “do-er” attitude, unafraid to speak up and make suggestions. If you set your mind to do something, you’ll get it done. If you like to talk around town, set up a booth at a local fair or share all over Pinterest and Facebook, then we really want to talk to you.


As an Ambassador, you’ll be learning from us as to our programs and how you can best work with us at a grass root level within your community. We’ll teach you, support you and encourage you. We’ll be your trainer. This has to be fun for you.

Ambassador’s role

Simply, we hope you’ll build advocacy at a local and community level and so that people care about the same issue that we care about.


Supporting our veterans and show how the community can play a pivotal role in helping veterans to reintegrate. We have specific ideas and we’ll share them with you. So we’ve made this really simple for you: just fill out the below survey.

This work is important and we want to entrust it to you. We also think you’ll find it rewarding.

Phoenix Ambassador Survey

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Please be a citizen or resident of the USA