Providing a voice for veterans living with post-traumatic stress, to increase awareness of the condition, and to educate and inform

Post-Traumatic Stress in veterans is often invisible. It’s only the effects that people see. And those living with it see no way out from the damage it does. Left untreated, it can destroy lives, relationships and communities.

Yet the transformation that Phoenix Is Rising brings about changes the viewpoint – not only the individuals for whom PTS is a daily reminder of their experiences (military or otherwise), but those close to them, and our wider society.

Yet, it’s not one single thing that makes a difference, that transforms. It takes many partners, supporters, and believers to make things happen. From the combination of healing methods and post-retreat aftercare, through to the work of ambassadors and the support of donors. The end goal, though, is the same: to really make that difference matter. With one voice, we give everyone a new perspective – both those who benefit and the people around them.


My husband attended a “Phoenix is Rising” retreat for a week. I see wondrous changes in him. I am writing you this letter to let you know that this program has literally changed my husband’s life for the better. Phoenix is Rising created a safe, scared space that allowed him to be completely vulnerable to share things that he has never shared with anyone and supported him in ways no friend or family member ever could. This gift of a week is one I am forever grateful for.

I want to thank you and all the staff for your compassion, kindness, love, support and encouragement. Our future is looking much brighter. I swear by this program and what it has done for my husband, and my entire family. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

– Wife of Veteran